how much do wordpress get paid for each hit made on thier ads on our blogs?

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    if you hold your curser on any bloggers comment name, next to their avitar,
    a snap shot appears and under it are one word links about 6 of them
    click on any one of them and you land up on a list of ads for all kinds of stuff – click on anyone of them and loa and behond you are on a site that ‘s flogging you their product.
    this only happens when you click on the heading to get to the comment page

    i was shocked that my blogg was being associated with stuff i wouldn’t endorse!
    i guess i could learn to endose them if i was being paid a cent or two or three per hit!



    You can turn off snapspot under Design->Extras.

    Nobody in this forum, other than staff, can answer that question.



    whoops…. hit return when entering a tag
    even though i have deselected the snapshot drop down window on my blog
    if you hold your courser over my name on a comment i have made on your blog you see what my blog looks like and you get all the adds under it
    is this general knowledge?
    i am usually the last to hear about things!



    You’re not the last. It took me quite a few months to catch on.

    As for how much they make from Adsense, it’s anybody’s guess. As it’s a private company, they don’t have to release figures. And Google doesn’t release customer earnings, as far as I know.

    But my guess (and it’s a total guess) is that if there were an upgrade to take Adsense off your blog, it would have to cost at least ten bucks a month. So $120 a year, just to replace the income makes from the average blog here.



    heleneodette, snapshot previews are disabled on Raincoaster’s blog. If you’re seeing them there, they aren’t produced by us.



    I think she’s talking about her blog? I don’t think she’s left any comments on my blog.



    key maaaaster, T!

    anyone who has NOT turned their snapshots off more than likely are
    NOT aware that they are being associated with ads which are NOT of their choosing.
    and what’s really creepy is that when we/they do [turn it off on our blog] the snapshot on sites that have not turned it off – SHOW a snapshot when the curser is passed over our names next to OUR COMMENTS – which of course have/show the ads.
    This means if we do NOT want to participate in promoting ADS then we must NOT COMMENT on each others blogs which have NOT turned their SNAPSHOT off!
    hope you could follow that!
    oh and of course these ads/snapshot genre ADS don’t appear on the forum!
    I guess there might have been a wee reaction/noise to that!
    @310 cape town

    glad yr taking a peek at this!
    there has been quite a bit of constenation at the lack of transparency with thies ads
    i don’t mind WP making a few cents from my blog and activities of looking/interacting with other blogs but it’s having to discover for myself – by accident that your snap shots



    its a free blog for those of us who have not bought our domain names yet, somebody has to pay for the hosting….



    Paying for domain names doesn’t take the Adsense off your blog.



    keym T!
    is snapshot a WP owned company?



    is adsense a company? a google specific ad thing? or is it a term for advertising on sites which generate revenue when ‘hit’?



    Adsense is Google’s brand of blog advertising. Google owns it.



    the disturbing thing for me is the lack of transparency in being told this is how they make their revenue/money
    We, the bloggers aren’t stupid – of course they, WP, have to make money from all their hard work etc – no one is going to object to that
    not to be upfront about how we are generating it for them, displaying it as part of their intro about who they are for all to see, is out of WP’s character, [which i have picked up through osmosis!] is the wordpress ‘ethic’
    “we give you all these wonderful bells and whistles for a blog and we use you and your blog to generate funds with the drop down snap shots and and and
    if someone doesn’t like it then they can leave WP

    who ever does their copy/entries has such a delightful way of expressing the modis operandi that it would make people feel that they are being treated as adults to be told about the ads rather than us putting 2 and 3 together to start to work out that it isn’t 4!




    helene, haven’t you read that you can turn off Snapshots? For free.

    Go to Design-> Extras and shut it off there.




    Thanks to Heleneodette’s discovery I did turn those Ads off.

    Do you think that it a fair practice to put Snapshot Ads in every Blog knowing that most Bloggers won’t turn them off because they don’t know how or because they don’t notice the ADS?

    Don’t you think that the nice old Ad-free-Wordpress-Blog vision is now history?

    Don’t you think that, now that WordPress-sold-Ads are sneaking their way into our Blogs from several directions, it is hypocritical not to allow Bloggers to sell Adsense Ads themselves?



    Dude, WordPress has been running ads since before I got here. As far as I know there has never been an ad-free

    I think Adsense is irredeemably tacky, myself, and that’s why I want it off my blog.



    I think Helene is very much aware she can turn Snapshots off in her blog, but she is objecting to the fact that if she leaves a comment in a blog which has not turned them off, then, while hoovering on her avatar next to her comment, people will see snapshots of her blog, and these snapshots will have ads all around the pic of her blog. So Im afraid theres very little we can do to prevent this happening unless taking the step that she suggests which is not to leave comments on blogs where SnapShots are enabled, which I think might be excessive. Plus you know I believe that even if somebody leaves a link on their blog to, say, one of your posts, and they’ve got SnapShots enabled on their blog, then some ads will surround the pic of your blog on there too. And I dont think you want to write a disclaimer stating that nobody using SnapShots on their blog is allowed to link to yours because you do not want your blog to be associated with ads that you do not endorse. It just seems to me a lot of trouble. And to be fair for one Im not so sure it’s WP’s fault because if you ever use SnapShots then you do know there are ads with them, and WP lets us the right to turn them off on our blog which is, really, the most that they can do. So I think its more to do with how SnapShots work rather than with WP’s policy being unclear. And no Snapshots do not belong to WP, you can have a look at their website Hope that helps.



    rain – thanx for all our input – fascinating stuff!
    but i’m running out of steam now as i don’t seem to be able to explain what i mean simply enough!

    i turned my snap shot off long ago – when i first got into starting a text blog.
    and again when they upgraded with the prp [possibly. related post] i got the shock and thanx to you i think pointed out that it could be turned off having no idea that there were ads on the drop down snap shot as i’d turned it off.
    what i discovered yesterday on another blog, which i’d left a comment on, was
    that if i put the curer on my name on their blog, [and the said blog did not disable/turn off their snapshot drop down thingy] the snapshot appears showing what my blog looks like AND the ads sitting on the bottom with word press and snapshots logos left and right.
    take a look [if you have turned of your blogs snapshot] – go to a blog you commented on and hold yr curser over yr name [not yr avitar] i’d be interested to know if you get to see
    your site and the ads on the drop down snapshot!
    i noticed that on the forum we just get to see our blogs url and our avitar

    here i am harrning on about these ads when 20 thousand people plus have been wiped out in Burma from the hurricane/tornado/tsunami and the bleeping generals/army won’t let the relief people in to save lives
    i don’t understand……..
    the 72 hr critical window is long gone
    here i am living in abject comfort, with running water electricity and a fridge full of food

    @500 [milliday time 13:00 south african time]



    @heleneodette I think we sent our comments in the space of a few minutes only, I hope now what you meant is clearer to everybody.

    I just wanted to add: I liked your last remark about Burma. Its important not to focus too much on these issues we have just discussed because ads also appear sometimes next to your blog address on Google etc for example. You will not be able to stop any type ad coming anywhere near your blog’s name as long as you are in the World Wide Web, and in the meantime people in Burma will continue to die and seek for help. I think its good to ask questions and get answers, and I think its also good, as you’ve just pointed out, not to get hysterical over things that we can cope with, and which are not such as not knowing if we’ll eat today, fearing for our safety when we wake up ( or not being able to sleep because of this) and not having a roof over one’s head. Again Im not saying people shouldnt ask trivial questions because there are more important things in the world (ive asked loads of trivial ones myself and will continue to Im afraid!), but Im just saying that putting things into perspective sometimes helps.
    Have a good day!



    yes you got what i was trying to say!
    are you aware that your name is not activated next to your avitar?
    that is, that i can’t click on it to be transported to your blog!
    i struggled to activate mine and i seems to recall it was raincoaster who came to my hair tearing protracted episode rescue, eternally grateful to the man? woman? [99% of the time i have no idea what gender i’m addressig not that i need to know – it’s just difficult with the his and hers etc english is a sexist language unlike japanese and many african languages – there is no he and she! not to mention the french and the italians – a table is female in french and male in italian!]
    i can’t remember what i had to do to activate the url
    it was in edit but it could have changed since the recent upgrade….

    i found this amongst all the questions i’ve asked over the past 3 months – O La! WP!
    [I could not have put my blog together with out all the help i got from fellow bloggers
    Raincoaster being one of the main protagonists
    If i was earning cents i’d donate lots of them to you!]

    go to yr
    on the blog in question
    users/my profile
    the website window was EMPTY!…………

    inset your blog/site url there

    and voila! you’ll be visible to all
    at least i hope you will!
    if you want to that is………
    not that there’s anything wrong with not wanting to be visible!………..

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