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how much do wordpress get paid for each hit made on thier ads on our blogs?

  1. [Junk removed - Mark]

  2. Enough of that.

  3. @rain-modlook?

  4. Yep

  5. @tellyworth Key Master

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah now i've got it!
    thanx v much
    "a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma" is a quote from Winston Churchill re Russia
    thanx - your so clever!
    it's been driving me nuts not remembering how it went!
    enigma - i must look it up

    What do you think Churchill would call his Blog?

    The Cigars & Whisky Blog?
    My War Moves And Blunders?


  6. @helen: thank you!
    I think that Winston would call his blog "V for Victory" and grab the domain (.com and .org are taken)

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