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How much does it cost for host

  1. hello,

    I know this is such a generic question, but for a blog, let's say, with 5000hits/day, how much should i expect to pay for host (i.e total bandwidth and the cost) ? [excluding pictures, file downloads, ... as i can host those things somewhere else). I do know it depends on the host services, but i'm only asking for the average to make a decision to move out.

    sorry for being such a newbie, since although i'm not new to blogging, i am new to the whole self-hosting thing.

    thank you.

  2. You might have better luck asking at, as we mostly don't have self-hosted blogs here, and thus don't pay attention to the market for hosting.

  3. Good link!

    Yes, I know there are a million other hosts that are not referenced on, but dreamhost and bluehost are 2 of the best in my opinion and have hosted with both of them and at least 10 others.

    Good hosting usually runs from $4 to $7 USD a month. If you have huge sites, you might need more and if you don't really care, maybe less.


  4. raincoaster & trent: i guess my question is more a long the line of if a blog has 5000hits/day, how would that be in term of bandwidth, xx GB/month. I've looked at the link trent provided before, but without knowing how much bandwidth i use, it is kinda difficult to find the appropriate hosting package. thanks a lot for responding though.

    / and, another question if you don't mind, once someone moves to self-hosting, the categories system won't be connected to the normal one, am i right ? in other words, if i have a category "politics", and post a post with that category, someone clicks on won't see my post ?

  5. Bandwidth use depends on what you have on the blog. If you are hosting your own videos and audio or a lot of large pictures, you'll eat up bandwith fast. If your blog is text-based, you'll use very little.

    If you move off, you lose the category links, yes. This will hurt your googlejuice, if you care about such things. You can still use categories, but they relate only to your own blog.

  6. raincoaster: there will be no audio/video/photos hosted, as i have accounts somewhere else for that. that would mean very little bandwidth use. good news for me.
    and yeah, i can't say i'm not interested in google juice, but the amount of referrers from those links is relatively small, so i won't be worrying about that.
    my trial period with seems to be passing, with all the restriction about widgets, themes, and such. i'm not complaining though. wp is great for a free service, especially without ads.

  7. With the categories it's not the referrers that matter, it's the fact that you're getting a link from a page with MASSIVE authority. That's what boosts you in the search engines. Basically, the category page gets a link from every blog using that category every time it uses it; in turn, it links to each blog, boosting it.

    I'm not sure if using Technorati tags would work the same way, but my suspicion is no.

  8. true. sort of like what people do by posting at forum, or at least that's what they've been warned against doing. too bad. but at least i'll have more freedom to personalize the blog appearance/functionality, and i guess it's worthy.
    thanks for the clarification, rainscoaster, and have a nice day.

  9. I'm happy with my hosting at A Small Orange. It costs only $25. per year and because I prepay I get 2 free months of service each year. There are a range of affordable plans for both small sites and large ones that you can check out here

  10. Just stay away from Go Daddy and Yahoo. And keep in mind you get what you pay for. And as you said, you won't be hosting pictures or anything like that through your site. So very little bandwidth might be used if it's just text. Use thumbnails for pictures because that eats less bandwidth. I've had friends who's sites had been kidnapped by the hosts and given a bill for thousands of dollars.

  11. I had a hilarious discussion yesterday in a cappucino shop. I was chatting with a blogger who was going on and on about how she couldn't afford web hosting. Looking back on my first year at I realized what a bogus argument this was and is. So I pointed out that she buys a $3.95 coffee from Starbucks every day so surely this cannot be a legitimate concern.

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