How much is too much?

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    A site ( is routinely using my content without permission.

    Their entire purpose is to attack my site ‘’ and regularly use snips from my site quoted wildly out of context and with headlines that attempt to skew our stories.

    I’ve filed more than one DMCA and they persist. I simply don’t have time to police them daily. Can you help?
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    We haven’t received any recent DMCA complaints from you.

    Please file a new one at and make reference to your previous DMCA complaints.


    Hello WP support…

    I’m sorry you are getting dragged into this. The owner of the above site has filed at least a couple DMCAs, which I’ve gladly complied with. To my knowledge, there is nothing I’ve posted in the past several months that would be considered “used without his permission”. I’ve asked the owner of the above site to contact me if he thinks I have improperly used any of his content without permission, in which case I would be happy to fix it, and he has not done so. Obviously, if I’m not aware of a problem, I cannot rectify it. I honestly have no idea where I’ve “persisted in doing this”, as he says, since the DMCAs.

    If there is something I’ve posted improperly without giving proper credit, rest assured it is simply an oversight on my part, and I am happy to correct it without the involvement of WP support, which I am quite sure has better things to do than to referee a trivial, childish spat. All he has to do is alert me, and he and I can work out whatever issues he might have, I’m quite sure, without wasting anyone else’s time.

    Sorry again for taking your time!



    Please refrain from discussing these issues on the public forms. If the DMCA complaint is valid, you will be contacted prior to any action taking place.


    Sorry, didn’t know the policy here. Just trying to make things easy on everyone.



    No worries, I can understand the confusion and appreciate the reply. If need be, we’ll resolve this via email.

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