How much promoting is too much promoting on twitter and facebook

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    Hi there,

    I just launched my blog and am unclear on how much promoting I should do. Like anyone, I want to get it out there (of course) but I also don’t want to be irritating and spam-y about the whole thing.

    I have a friend on twitter who, literally, every tweet is promoting her blog. Actually, I HAD a friend on twitter. Her constant promoting felt like spam and I stopped following her.

    I am extremely active on twitter and try to sneak in a tweet with my blog, maybe, two or three times a day. That is maybe out of the 30 tweets on a normal day.

    Would love to hear where you draw that line when promoting has become spam.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. Promotion via social networks is one of many ways. There’s also visiting other people’s blogs and commenting on them. The following support document gives other practices like that:

    You can also search the forums: questions regarding blog promotion are among the most common and you’ll surely find lots of valuable advice here. Good luck!



    Sounds like you’re doing the right amount. No more than 10% of your content should be links to your blog or Facebook page. NEVER autoDM, and your friend really needs an intervention.

    Remember only to post when you have something new or newsy. Three links to the same post in one day is only permissible if you’re running some kind of nonprofit campaign.

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