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    Another newbie question – I created a scheduled post for Thursday of this week (yesterday). The post is on the Web site, but the RSS feed on my browser does not show an update/ How much time should there be between a post and when the RSS link shows up? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    It usually only takes a few minutes for a post to show up in the RSS feed. due to caching either on our servers or locally on your browser it might take an hour or so. If it’s not updating you might try clearing your browser cache, forcing the browser to get an updated copy of the feed instead of using what it has in it’s local cache.


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    It can’t be a browser issue: It’s not updated when I check it either.



    It may be a cache issue on the server like tfardella, suggested but I can guarantee that it’s not a browser cache issue because the op’s feed doesn’t reflect the changes either on my browser…

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