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    The blog I need help with is


  3. Per the official FAQ:

    You might take the page views found in your stats and multiply $1 for every thousand pages. This is very rough but will help you to understand if you might earn $1, $100 or $500.

    So, 1,000 hits per day could be potentially $1 per day. It's not an exact science, but it is a close estimate.

  4. OKK..

  5. You're welcome!

  6. If you had 4,000,000+ impressions according to Google Webmaster for the month of June (1-23)

    What does that calculate to?

  7. Idk how to calculate that.

  8. It's basic math and there are calculators available online. You can use Google search to locate one you can use. Or you can use the calculator on your own computer. Bottom line: I'm not going to do this for you. If you are blogging for bucks then you had better learn how to do basic math and how to use calculators.

  9. If all else fails count on your fingers - for big numbers take shoes and socks off and use toes also

  10. I don't know how many 'clicks' 4million impressions is, is the issue.

  11. Eve - the estimate that Macmanx points out does not have any reference to clicks. So you can simply multiply your 4M impressions x $1 per thousand impressions.

  12. technologyformedia

    4,000,000 x 1$/1,000 = $4,000
    $4,000*(.9 my accounting fee) = $3600

  13. Be careful, the website views which Google Webmaster shows is very inaccurate. It only seems to show the views which their keywords have shown in there system, not the same amount which you are achiving. I would advice you to use the WordPress Stats or similar on your blog to see how it compares.

  14. Is the calculation of our income based on impressions apply to all ads and payments are not based on "pay per click" on those ads?

  15. To emphasize again, is it true that the calculation applies to all of blog with a target anywhere (any language) and not only to blog with readers in Europe and the United States (English)?

  16. Yes, that's why the estimate above is very rough. Many visits from geos pay us by impressions while others pay by click and different countries have different payouts, plus those payouts change over time. Visits from North America and Europe pay-out at a much higher rate than visits to most Asian, African, Middle-East and Latin American countries. That's just the reality of online advertising today.

  17. LOL @ auxclass, Like it :)

  18. Hi Jon,
    How rough calculation of the ads in my blog? Which part (like what) is calculated based on what criteria and what other parts are calculated based on different criteria.
    If it is not possible openly described here because the question was specifically in the case of my blog, I will be very happy to receive an explanation via email.
    Thank you.

  19. I am confused because for the whole month of June I got between 1000 and 2300 views/day and in the end I only made 0.76 cents for the month! What's up with that?!?!

  20. When were you approved? If you weren't approved till late in the month, that would make sense.

  21. I was approved in the second half of may-and for those 2 weeks (when i was getting way less views per day than i did in june) I made $3.40! it doesnt make sense.

  22. I was approved on 18th of may and until end of may i made $29.67 for about 19.000 impressions.In june i made $5.18 for 57.833 impressions.Anybody can explain that difference for me?

  23. sorry correction $24.49 for about 19.000 impressions.

  24. I also need a little explanation we had 85,000 hits for the month of June and didn't make any where close to what we made in May with 75,000 hits. Jonburke any insightful on this would be greatly preciated appreciated .


  25. Same thing happened to me roughly the same amount of traffic and earnings went from $23.96 to $4.70. At $20.00+ a month I can tolerate the video ads on my site, but not for less than $5.00. I hope we get some kind of explanation for this vast difference.

  26. Hmm interesting that there are a lot of people having these inconsistencies too!

  27. Thanks in advance, for noting this thread is flagged for Staff attention and for waiting patiently for WordAds Staff to respond to your concerns.

  28. Thanks timetheif for flagging this

  29. Your June earnings are not final yet. Those numbers are being updated. Sorry for the confusion.


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