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  1. oh! hahaha thanks for the clarification!

  2. so what day are the earning released? and what is the window period for calculating a months earnings, is it the whole month or last 2 weeks of one month and the first 2 of the next? 15th June - 15th July?

  3. We are working to get earnings releases on a regular schedule but we work with a number of advertisers and they don't yet deliver reports on a regular schedule. Our periods are one month, so the first day of the month to the last.

  4. modaddictionblogger

    We have the same issue :

    May (Active in WordAds since mid May) : 8,890 views - earnings $1.25
    June 13,300 views - earnings $1.12

    Jon, how can you explain this?

    In any case, there should be a correspondence between number of impressions (or average per day) and amount of earnings, but it seems to be not existing.

    WordAds staff: thousand of users need further clarification. Please proceed.

  5. modaddictionblogger - per above, your June earnings report is not final. It is being updated.

  6. keerthikasingaravel

    Jon when can I see corrections, if any, on my dashboard?
    At the moment I am feeling pretty insulted and having a deuce of a problem hanging onto my temper.
    I don't expect Wordads to make me rich and I can live with the sort of earnings I saw in May.But July's take is a 20th of my expectations.

  7. i appreciate that you guys are working things out, but maybe can you not put any reports on til theyre final? i almost died of a broken heart! hahah.

  8. You can check your dash now for final June reports. Thanks.

  9. thanks jon- youre the best! hmm i know the 1 dollar per 1000 views is a rough idea of how much you can expect, but i got closer to 35 cents per 1000 views. just puttin that out there.

  10. my report hasn't changed at I never even even ran WordAds in June? So I guess I got a free 40 cents?

  11. keerthikasingaravel

    Jon why are my June earnings still less than what I made in the last 13 days of May?
    During the relevant period my page views have increased 160% and the proportion of North American and European page views to the total has remained range bound.
    If I project out the earnings of May to June,my actual June earnings fall short by 75%.
    And if I work with the thumb rule of 1$ per 1000 page views my actual June earnings fall short by 63%.As bustedbutton points out I've made closer to 35 cents per 1000 page views.

  12. I, too, made more money in the last weeks of May than I did in all of June, eventhough traffic in June was far greater than ALL of May, let alone the last weeks. I had 12,000 clicks in June and made only $4.24 in earnings, which lines up with about $0.35 per 1000 clicks. If this is going to be the rate I will definitely drop out of WordAds and take part in some other ad program. That's just not even close to competitive.

  13. WordAds isn't competitive, but it is the only ad program you can use on If ad income is your goal, why would you choose a program that makes you split income with your host 50/50?

  14. Well, this forum is not the place to discuss my business practices or why I choose a particular thing over another, but I will say that if WordAds says in its official FAQ that you can expect to make $1.00 every 1000 clicks and when it comes down to it you are actually making a fraction of that, that's just bad business. $1.00 per 1000 clicks is something I could at least fathom for the time being while I get my blog on its feet, but 35 cents? That's just not enough.

  15. I can see the figures have been updated now, thanks.

  16. I understand this is new, and people are upset, or disappointed and confused, cause I know I was the in the first two, but now I am just confused. My problem with this is if we are all suppose to be paid $1.00 for every 1000 hits. That is what was explain to all of us, then well what happened to that. I don't want to come off like I am blaming anyone cause I am not, nor do I have any grand delusions of becoming rich off of Wordads. I just want the staff to say

    "we understand what everyone is saying and give us to the end of the month to sort this all out."

    I now that is what I would like to hear, and personally I would be happy with that.


  17. Sexpressed - advertisers have been blocking ads on your site due to the sexual content there. Generally, its very difficult to work with advertisers on sites that they feel are not 'family friendly.' You can reach me at [email redacted] if you want to discuss.

  18. jonburke what about everyone else who I guess is missing money from there page impression?

  19. I'm getting in touch with you by email as I don't want to disclose personal traffic and earnings information for sites in public.

  20. That would be great thank you

  21. It doesn't matter, I'll just move the site off WordPress and take care of things without WordAds. Thanks.

  22. Sexpressed - you might try to apply your site to Google Adsense or another network. Generally, they have a pretty hard line on brand safety. Here's how Google describes it:

    Adbrite at one point had an ad network for sites that are not brand safe. You might check there.

  23. jon yer swell for always writing back! thanks! sorry if this should be in another thread, but can we run wordads and private ads at the same time? ive had several people say they want to put an ad on my site. Id feel a lot better about using wordads and in general if I could have another option at the same time as wordads. thanks :)

  24. keerthikasingaravel

    Waiting for your e-mail Jon.

  25. keerthikasingaravel. You should have received an email from me. I didn't get a response from you. You can reach me at [email redacted].

  26. so would you say 35 cents per 1000 views is normal?

  27. BustedButton - it's really tough to use a broad brush with earnings. We have some sites that have 90% Malaysian traffic and 1 ad per page and no ads on the home page that are on the low-end. Then we have sites with mostly US traffic and three ads per page that are on the high end. If a site feels they are getting a smaller payout then they should be then it's best for them to get in touch with me at and we can look to see if there is a discrepancy between pages served and what the advertisers are counting. You have questioned your earnings so we have put it in as an audit with the advertisers.

    On your question of running private ads, the agreements that we have with the advertisers provides some exclusivity that gives them comfort that they are not paying for sites that have ad clutter. So adding additional ads would breach those agreements. There is an option in the future where we could enable sites to sell ads on a self-service basis. I am not very bullish on this as generally I have seen sites over estimate the demand for private advertising but we hear a lot of sites asking for it.

  28. savorysaltysweet

    I, too, had more views in the month of June than I did during the last two weeks of May when WordAds went in effect on my site, and yet my site made 3 times as much money in those two weeks in May than during the entire month of June. Granted, the money my site has made thus far is almost too teeny tiny to even mention, but I am curious as to why my site is generating less revenue when it is getting more views.

  29. Thanks SavorySaltySweet. We will investigate and get back to you. I had just been describing to someone else that at a high level, the way that online advertising works today is that it is similar to the stock markets. Online advertising is bought and sold in real time acutions these days. Prices for ad impressions rise and fall. Given equal number of impressions in the same geos, your inventory might be worth more or less by the minute and by the month. We try to sign long term agreements with advertisers to lock in prices but the trend is for the advertisers to spend mostly on real-time buys.

  30. savorysaltysweet

    Strangely, that actually makes sense to me. It is not the most encouraging news I have ever read, but thanks for letting me know.

    Is it possible to request an upgrade to the triple ads option? I don't see any place where I can formally submit a request, but I believe my theme supports the triple ads option.

    Thanks again for answering so promptly (and on a Saturday, to boot!).

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