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  1. MyDestiny2011 that's impressive traffic growth! You do have a challenge as the online ads market in Malaysia ranks at the bottom for payouts per visitor. Pay or click depends on the country. For Malaysia its mostly for clicks.

  2. yessicalua You can reach me at [email redacted]. Thanks, Jon

  3. RM25.58 for 255,817 -that means only about 10cents per 1000 visits. Wow, that's wayyyy below $1, Jon. Quite frustrating, not that I am looking to get rich from WordAds, but be reasonable please, currently running triple ads too..

  4. mydestiny2011 - We responded to you on another forum thread. If you would like to dig into your earnings some more our privacy policy indicates that we cannot discuss a site's specific earnings but we can do it my email if you want to write [email redacted].

  5. WordAds please be more transparent on this earning issues.

  6. mydestiny2011 Can you please make a suggestion on how we can do that? This is what we wrote on the other forum: mydestiny2011 We always feel badly when a partner like you is disheartened about earnings. Our job is to maximize your earnings. In Malaysia we run Google Adsense which is the largest global ad network and we believe it yields the highest payments there. We have tried other networks there but they paid less and we had trouble collecting payments. If there was another option there that would pay more believe me we would run it but at this point we don't know of a superior option.

    I don't know where you heard that advertisers will pay $1 for every Malaysian click but that is not what Google Adsense tends to pay.

    Again, if you want to write us by email we can discuss your specific dollars earned. You are comfortable above being public with your earnings but the reason we have a privacy policy about not discussing specific earnings in public is that many people do not want their earnings and site stats to be posted in a public forum.

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