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How much wordAds earnings for per click (no impression)?

  1. How much wordAds earnings for per click (no impression) and what are the qualified for this ads ?

    if i will move to premium domain on myblog but this blog is qualified for this wordAds?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is the homepage for the WordAds program: There you will find the application page as well as FAQs there too.

    Payment is for mpressions, not by click. See here >

  3. edit: impressions

  4. Thank you...

  5. what is the qualified (condition's) for ads approved?

  6. Please search here >

  7. I applied for wordads when i got approved?

  8. guruprakassh We will be activating your site next week. Thanks.

  9. Thank you so much

  10. jonburke i not got approved now

  11. I received your mail and ads working my blog. Thanks jonburke.

  12. Don't need a custom domain for Wordads?

  13. Yes, your blog must be on it's own domain to be considered for the program.

    Only publicly visible blogs with custom domains will be considered for this program. If you are interested but don’t have a custom domain, you can quickly sign up for a custom domain for your blog(s) below.

  14. I got approved wordads august month starting. Now i not get ads status? How i got earning status?

  15. guruprakassh It's under settings>WordAds>Earnings. If you can't find it email [email redacted] and I will email you the specific link.

  16. My earning status report in august month $7.29. But my blog impressions of the august 34,780.

    If wordads give $1 for 1000 impression i think now get earning report $30 to $34.
    How many days calculate this amount ($7.29)? How many days once you sent earning reports?

    I confused jon, kindly check my account.

  17. Hi guruprakassh. Per above WordAds were not running on your site for all of August so advertisers are just paying for the ad impressions that run which is less than 34,780. Also, most of your impressions are from Indian visitors. Advertisers pay much less for ad impressions to Indian visitors vs. visitors from North America and parts of Europe.

  18. Ok thanks jon i will try dragging more other country visitors.

    My another blog is

    This blog is free download locator blog i working 6 months. Now going success full. 250 average visitors. But this not a article relate blog. Is this ok for wordads?

  19. Yes it looks great. Can you please apply at Thanks, Jon

  20. Hi jon,

    I already used wordads in my 2 blogs. I will planed to create 2 extra new blogs. So how many blog allow per account?

  21. Guruprakassh - they would each be separate accounts and there is no limit on how many accounts a site can have so long as the sites are big enough to qualify. We can do consolidated payments.

  22. Ok thanks jon

  23. Ok thanks jon

  24. Ok thanks jon

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