How muh do I have to pay if I buy word press Business?

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    How muh do I have to pay if I buy word press Business? Do I have to buy anadd free also? I have no idea if I have a web server (self host) so if IO but the upgrade are you going to give one?
    what is to modify PHO code? FTP and shells?
    I want to buy lword Press Business, I understand I can change themes right?
    Please anser me fast.
    Thanks in advance
    Maria Pia

    The blog I need help with is


    To be able to edit the PHP, do FTP and shell, you will need to host your own installation of the software on an independent web host. What you are talking about doing cannot be done here. There are limitations on what can be done here due to the structure of this platform. is a multi-user platform which means we all share the same underlying theme and WordPress core files. With around 30 million blogs here, security is a high concern, so that means we cannot add plugins or any other code such as javascript since any bad code added by one person could bring down a lot of sites here.

    For more on the differences between and, take a look here: .

    Most web hosts offer installation scripts for the WordPress software, so it can be reasonably painless getting the basics up and running.

    You can see here for some recommended web hosting: .


    As to the first part of your question, this blog, , is hosted here at and will not work for what you are wanting.


    thank you very much for your answers!


    You are welcome.

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