How NOT to send emails when posts update?

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    I know this problem wouldn’t exist if people use the “Preview” button before posting, but human beings make mistakes and like to fix them. Is there anyway to retain email notification of new posts/pages, but shut it off for the updating of posts/pages?

    Thanks much in advance


    The blog I need help with is


    Have you actually checked this? I was thinking that wordpress will send out the notification when the post is first published, but they do not send out notifications if the post is subsequently edited.



    No, they do now. THey didn’t used to. Wasn’t it you who found the workaround of setting the post to Private, updating it, and then un-Privating it?


    Yeah, but I got to thinking that subsequent updates to a published post should not trigger an email blast.

    I’m too lazy to try it to see if that is the case though.



    TT said that it was, and I vaguely remember a staffer chiming in. Apparently it’s true. It never used to be, but now any edit triggers and RSS and email update.



    I have sent a note to Support on this matter. This may not be a big issue for many but for the blog like mine, it does make a big difference. I usually have a need to update my old blog posts, I really do not wish to send notifications out with updates.

    Along the same lines, I have another issue which I have asked them to clarify. Whenever someone likes a post, we get a notification email with the country location of the person who liked the post. First of all, there are no country stats available in the dashboard, so aside from getting an instant gratification, there does not appear to be an aggregate view via these emails. Second, it defeats the purpose of anonymous blogging. Not that I don’t want people to like my blog posts, but I cannot do the same because it defeats my purpose. I understand that geolocations are translated via IP addresses, but why translate in the first place?



    I agree. It’d be swank if we had a pop-up with “Send Update notification?” but I don’t think it’ll happen.

    I don’t have an opinion on the IP issue, except to say if someone was really trying to anonymize themselves online they should IP spoof at the very least.



    I’m not a stickler for anonymity, but it’s just the way I have setup this blog and I see that some of these added features are more of a social in nature and doesn’t fit my particular scope. At other times, they are possibly useful. I’d wish to have a country stats in a dashboard for sure.



    You know you can use Clustrmaps or similar widgets? TT has written them all up on her blog




    Go to: Dashboard–Settings—Email Post Changes. Disable post or page changes.

    Does that help???



    hi, this seems like a new feature/settings, or have I missed it altogether when announced?

    My checkbox is unchecked for this: Send an email when a post or page changes.

    But I believe my post emails still go out to subscribers.



    Emails are only sent to subscribers when a post is originally published.

    RSS is pulled not pushed (with the except of PubSubHub). An edit will indeed show up when the feed is polled again after a change. How that shows up exactly will vary by feed reader client.

    EDIT: As cmmarcum mentioned, there may be some confusion here about our entirely separate Email Post Changes feature. That is controlled via Settings->Email Post Changes and cannot be accessed by blog readers. See



    @cmmarcum- Email Post Changes is not meant for blog subscribers. That email notification is sent to blog admins when an author on a multi-author updates a post.

    @hewsut-glad to know emails aren’t sent out because that would be confusing, and, personally, on some blogs I find it useful to know if someone has updated an old post, which is why I sometimes subscribe to a blog by email and RSS reader.



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    @amociro, ciao! Please visit this forum to ask your question:


    Okay, I see now. The notificaion of *CHANGES* is not sent to subscribers, only admins. Since I am both, I got confused. It might be helpful if wordpress.COM added a line to that page explaining that. It might also be useful if you could see a list of everyone who gets an email in one place. Right not you have to go to Site Stats | General | Email and Settings| Email. Not intuitive. Thanks for the help.

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