How often are blog stats updated?

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    I know I am getting more traffic than what the log stats says. It hasn’t been updated for a while.



    None of the forum volunteers have access to the information you are seeking. andy does the stats and he has invited feedback from bloggers. On any of your blog pages at the top right hand corner you will find a feedback button.



    I wouldn’t put too much faith in the reported blog stats. I can compare the 7 day and 30 day and see that posts in the 7 day have higher numbers than what is reported in the 30 day.



    re: wordpress stats – the wordpress hit counter shows page views, so one person could generate several hits

    You can get a free stat counter for your blog from
    Be sure to follow the instructions for and not the ones for as we cannot use java script here at for security reasons. We are blogging on a shared multi-user MU platform (frames, styles or javascript are stripped out by the programming)
    -you can set it to exclude your own views

    Site Meter’s tracking is image tag based and WordPress is based on the internal WordPress log files. Because of that, the WordPress stats will also include visits from search engine spiders, web crawlers and robots in their numbers. The Site Meter visit and page view numbers are just based on visitors that will load the Site Meter image tags and most search engine spiders and robots don’t load the image tags. So the totals in the Site Meter stats will be lower because it won’t include the “visits” from web spiders and robots.

    If you would prefer you can get a free stat counter from
    statcounter by default counts pageloads unless you set it to show unique visitors on the counter

    I hope this helps you.

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