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How often do you post a new entry?

  1. I think I am often in a dilemma between having too many topics to post about and leaving time for my readers to read and comment on the posts, especially posts that I really put time into). I always get the feeling that first time visitors would only look at your first few posts...

    The converse is also true. On weeks when I'm really busy, I would not write an entry for over a week. I get the feeling that turns away regulars.

    So how often do people post new entries?

  2. I post every weekday. I have the luxury of not have any of my posts get outdated since they are movie reviews, if they want to comment on a movie they'll find it no matter when I posted it. I try to just post 1 review every weekday, so far the format has been working well for me.

  3. When I posted "Magpie and tinselstruck" it ws my first post for 6 months, Wow!
    luncheonmeat sarnies anyone? :)

  4. I post whenever I feel like moving over to another discussion, or when I'm sure that I've covered 100% of the game I'm going to review.

  5. I post whenever I feel the post I published has gotten enough views, but you can post a new entry whenever you like. Posting frequently is the path to success on a blog.

  6. I decided that I will post a new entry every wednesday and then anywhere sporatically inbetween. I chose wednesday because we see movies every tuesday so it gives me a good topic. Also in past blogs i've had i always seemed to forget to post for weeks on end so this gives me a solid time each week to do it.

  7. I post once a day, I think there's only been one day so far where I've failed to post. I don't think I'll keep that up forever though, maybe 4-5 times a week in future.

  8. Generally after my previous post has gotten some traffic, I'll toss up the new one, but usually no more than increments of five or six days before a new post regardless

  9. when I feel inspired :)

  10. I generally post (or if it is a long post, work on a post) every day except sunday but this is flexible. it wasnt always like this but i building the habit.

  11. i post once a day and that's it unless i have to edit

  12. I try to post every day in my main one. This normally happens without fail. My secondary just whenever I feel like it, which seems to even out to about once a week.

  13. celticmusicfan

    I post every few hours when an idea or information comes to me. I usually write short blogs because I don't want to bore my readers.

  14. I try to post once a day, but sometimes I post several times a day. I have my blog split up into sections, which makes finding things to post about a lot easier. But then, I don't write for my readers -- I write for myself.

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