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How often do you post and how do you descide on following someones blog

  1. beautykissesforalex

    I want to get a bettr understanding on how people choose to follow other peoples blogs and how often do you post on your blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I aim to post twice weekly to both of my blogs and I usually do. I choose to follow other bloggers based on common interests, on publication of original content, and good writing. I don't subscribe to blogs based on content I can find elsewhere on the internet.

  3. dribblingpensioner

    @ beautykissesforalex, advice from wordpress.

    1. You are using too many categories or tags. You don’t want irrelevant content showing up in the tag surfer or search, and neither do we. That’s why we limit the number of tags that can be used on a public tag listing. Five to 10 tags (or categories, or a combination of the two) is a good number to add to each of your posts. The more tags you use, the less likely it is that your post will be selected for inclusion in the global tag listings.

  4. re: over tagging AKA as spamdexing
    The relevant support doc is found here > global tags > missing posts
    The rule of thumb is less is more. Assign the minimum combined number of categories and tags that accurately describe a post's content.

  5. I post a few times a week and I follow blogs I enjoy reading..

  6. I post once a week on Monday.

    I tend to click 'follow' if someone's blog interests me, which I suppose is the simplest answer. For example, if I find someone amusing or if they blog about a topic that I relate to or am interested about. I also tend to check out people's blogs who leave comments on my own and more often than not I end up following their blogs too: if they leave a comment on mine we must be into the same kind of thing :)

  7. I Post a lot, but I Work Part Time from Home, and the rest of the time, I'm basically a Full Time Writer... Not Professionally yet, Time and Effort wise... I Post anywhere from 11 to 17 Posts a week... But this is on 2 to 3 different Blogs

    As far as Following Blogs, I'm very Selective about which Blogs I follow... I've noticed that around 2/3's of the Blogs I follow, are somehow Photography Related.

    This may potentially be because I was Pursuing Film Making before I switched over to Pursuing Writing... And thus, in my opinion, I am actually a Visual Artist, as may come across in my Writing... I started out by Writing Screenplays, as I love Dialog, Story, Characters and Visuals... But I now Write more Poetry, Editorials, and Fantasy and/or Sci-Fi Stories

    Follow Who you like, or Follow who you'd like to Support

    And Write as frequently as works for your Schedule, and Desire to Write

    Both things are really a Personal Preference thing


  8. Darkjade said something useful: "Follow Who you like, or Follow who you'd like to Support"

    I don't subscribe, but I bookmark and check on certain blogs that I like often. I will comment on blogs I like + I sense the blog master is a conscientious, thoughtful person. It shows through their writing and their comments.

    Beautyforkisses, I have a full-time job which is totally different from my blogging life. In my paid job I don't do any blogging.

    In my personal time I develop and write for..3 different blogs. Plus write for 4th blog. So I truly am averaging 1 blog post almost weekly, but you wouldn't know it.

    I really have to be realistic in my own expectations of how many people will look/read my blogs often ...because I lack time myself to check beyond approx. 15 different blogs on a regular basis over a course of 2 wks. or so.

    So when I comment on a blog that I rarely visit, I hope that the blogmaster appreciates my effort and returns with a comment for what I've said.

  9. dribblingpensioner

    I found with my other blog that i posted everyday and i ran out of material, it was a blog which was hard to get material for.

    But if someone subscribes i nearly always subscribe back unless l forget, i think its the right thing to do.

  10. I always want to post more than I actually end up managing.... (#%&@# "Real World".... keeps getting in my darn way....)

    I try to post something at least once a week and a "Diary" thing once every two weeks... but always seem to blow that "schedule". D'ohhh!!

    Like maidiebike I don't subscribe either... just to keep my email from getting buried... but do like to link to people I like and check with them often to see what they are up to. I like to both comment as well as "Like" posts if they tickle me in some way.

    If somebody "Likes" a post of mine or comments I always try to answer and give them a visit just to check them out.... it's a great way to find people and blogs I might enjoy reading.

  11. I am a daily blogger - but I am doing daily actions towards a goal.

    When I first started I clicked follow to everything I enjoyed. After a week I realized that it was taking me over an hour each morning to read their posts. It made me think about what I wanted from other bloggers. I discovered that more than a lot of followers, I wanted to find people on a similar journey to mine - I wanted to build a community.

    Since then I use the following to decide if I click follow:
    1. Have they accomplished what I am working towards?
    2. Are they on the same journey?
    3. Can I learn from them or support them?
    4. Is their writing so provocative that the first three don't matter?

    I enjoy that hour of reading every morning much more and get great comments that support my journey.

  12. Hey ready, I don't choose to read other blogs regularily if the other person is on the same journey as me.

    Are you kiddin'? How boring my world would become! :)

  13. True - but there are a million different ways to get there! I want to see them all :-) There are quite a few number 4s out there that keep things interesting.

  14. I post once Or twice a week and usually follow a blog that I think is entertaining or if the person is writing about a topic that interests me. I find that blogs that are interactive where they ask questions to their readers are interesting.

  15. phoenixtearsheal

    Not yet posting as often nor as regularly I'd like;
    Follow some of the writers, artists, and photographers,
    not too many as I'd like to be able to read their previous work;
    Choose others blogs by interests.

  16. I try to post at least every other day. I will follow another blog if the content interests me and is well-written and thought out.

  17. My site posts three times a week; usually, I'm one of three bloggers. I also have another blog that gets updated intermittently.

    I follow a blog when I enjoy its posts and want to see more of them when they're posted. As to what makes me like a post? That's more difficult, but here are things I look for:

    The posts should be well-written and show that some thought was put into it.

    The copy should be well-edited and proofread. (Once in a while, really good writing can punch through this for me, but not often.)

    The subject matter should be something that interests me. That's gonna be different for everyone, of course.

  18. For the original poster:

    Do recognize there is probably a specific group of people that would only be interested in knowing about cosmetics and hijinks of cosmetology school.

    Perhaps you might want to expand the focus of the blog in terms of topics.

    For fashion, I tend to gravitate to the company sites, etc. and news where clips of fashion videos are shown. But I only look at such well, 4-5 times annually.

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