How often should a theme be changed?

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    Is it a good idea to change your theme? If so, how often and how different do you want to get?

    The blog I need help with is


    For my personal blog, I change my theme whenever I feel like seeing a new look there. Or when I find something that I think will make my content look better or looks more … me.

    For a professional blog, I would change my theme less because it becomes part of your branding. But the same reasons for changing it apply.

    I hope that helps!



    I have the same theme on my main site since I moved here two years ago – the theme was chosen in part on the large type that is dark colored and easy to read –

    My site is about boating safety and I now have cards for the web site that uses the header picture on the card – so I suspect I am stuck with the look of things and the header picture for a while – I had the card made because I help with several public events each year and want to hand out a link to my site when there is a question that I have an answer for on my site – I also did not want to give out all my personal into at the public events so the card just has the Tagline & site URl / address



    I just changed my theme for the umpteenth time. I’m always checking out each new theme introduces and give it a preview look-see. I’ve been blogging here since 2007 and have probably changed my theme a couple of dozen times.

    I do agree with themeshaper, try not to be too drastic with changes, your readers might think they are on the wrong site, or you could publish a “heads-up” post about pending changes to the site.



    I’m focused on responsive width themes. I’m also a theme changer and Theme Wrangler’s reasons and cautions are mine as well.

    Changing themes is really not a big deal. You can change themes as often as you wish to. If you want to change themes on a free hosted blog you must be logged in under the exact same username that registered the blog and who is the Admin of the blog. Note that no content is ever lost when changing themes. At most you may have to resize some featured images.

    Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Themes
    browse themes until you find one you like and click “activate”
    or type in the name of the theme you want to use and
    click the “activate” link when it appears

    After you change your theme all you need to do is go here Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets > Inactive Widgets and re-install them where you want them to appear. The widget contents and settings will be the same as they were prior to changing themes.


    I’d like to add a comment to timethief’s advice — I love it that onecoolsitebloggingtips changes so often. When I get the email telling me you have a new post, I can’t wait to see what your page will look like. It has become part of your appeal (plus you have great content).



    Oh, what a lovely comment to find here. I want to frame it. lol :D Thanks for making my day and perhaps my weekend too.

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