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How popular is your blog?

  1. Morning fools.

    My blog has just jumped up in the Alexa rankings to 2,131,352nd most popular site on the net- hardly prestigious, I know, but it got me wondering- what are your rankings?

    How popular is your blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Alexa? Whoa, someone hit the Wayback Machine. Everybody who's anybody uses Quantcast now.

    My highest point in the Technorati standings was 14,200 with an Authority of 282. That was about this time last year, I think.

  3. Hmm.

    What is this Quantcast of which you speak? I'm not really anybody, but I might have a look anyway.

    Damned technology- always changing. I just got used to my telex and then they bring out the bloody telephone.

    Okay, what's everybody's Quanterati rankings then?

  4. I attract poor teen males of Asian or Hispanic ethnicity with no college education.

    Sounds about right to me..

  5. Im the 1,791,336th most popular website according to Quancast.

  6. 1,338,281 on Quancast.

    I didn't know about Quantcast. It's hella cool.

  7. I'm just now finding out about Quancast and I like. My ranking is 536,027

  8. itself is using quantcast, which is why they have all the info on our blogs.


    "a very slightly male biased audience" WTF does that mean, I'm read by bigoted metrosexuals?

  9. benwaysrustyscalpel

    haha that's funny

    No way I'm spending the time to find out my stats. All I know is that I'm a black hole of popularity. People get sucked into my site, their particles get erased and recreated as mirror images of myself in a parallel universe that overshadows this one and interacts with this one through the use of mediums such as chocolate shrooms.

  10. Not very lol

  11. Not popular.

    1.619.684 says Quentcast, I don't believe it though, it says that monthly 61.2M US people visit my site. =S

    - Lora

  12. Not very , i have like 2 views lol

  13. Can't, I visited your blog 4 times already. ^^

  14. @lorawow - that 61.2M is what shows on all of our profile, thats the number for the number under that is the number for your specific blog

  15. Evidently I get about 5,000 views per month, and my top demographic is:

    highly educated, slightly affluent, 30-49, slightly biased male audience. Also noticed they were mostly caucasion.

    I guess my plot to dominate the attention span of 18-35 year old Asian women has gone completely off track. :-)

  16. I am number 133,643
    People must want to really know the true secret of ABC's Lost.

  17. pornstarbabylon

    I'm popular with Asian & black men aged 18-49, borderline college educated, making less than $30,000 a year, and have no children. :O

  18. not enough info!!!!!! haha, oh well. I look at it.

  19. darkdaughter11

    its not very popular.
    its at

  20. Hey I'm at 1,955,273! Pretty good since I didn't even know that quancast existed. I think I'd be better if I networked myself more and put ads on it but I'm ok with this rating for now. I didn't see where it said what type of person visited my site though. That would be interesting! HA!

  21. mitchelllamamama

    Wow! That is very cool, thanks for pointing the way to quantcast, Raincoaster. :)

    Not that I'm popular, but I've got some regulars. 1,976,938

  22. Huh, I get quite a few hits in a day and have been in existence since January but Quantcast says, "Sorry, we don't have enough data to profile"

  23. Oh, got it. I bought my own domain so I will have to wait a bit longer. It had and all stats dropped off right about when I bought the domain.

  24. hey, not bad: 198,137
    36% of visitors are regulars.


    However--how in the world do they know how much education my readers have? Or what their race is?
    I'm a bit skeptical of that part.....

  25. 1,708,310

  26. 300+ views/day
    Rank 300,000 on Alexa
    Rank 935,014 on Technorati, authority 5
    Google PR5
    Not enough data on Quantcast (been with WordPress a year now..duh, and no way to embed that Javascript thingie on

  27. ehem; i'm pretty damn popular ' gimmme a loook ;p

  28. It could be better ;-)

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