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How post html code in this forum?

  1. Hi...all.
    I have difficulty to post a html code in this forum.
    What must i add to appear html code in this post?
    For example : i want to show that html code for WordPress, but indeed i want to show <'a a href=>Wordpress<'/a>.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Did you read the two lines below the textbox?

    Allowed markup: a blockquote code em strong ul ol li.
    You can also put code in between backtick ( ` ) characters.

    Note the word 'code' .

  3. Okay, i try it.
    '<a href="">Wordpress</a>'

  4. Backticks inside the tags?

    < 'a >a href=>Wordpress<' /a>

  5. Backticks need to be outside the tags.

  6. <a href="http://URL_HERE></a>

  7. Dear 1tess...
    Sorry.... i still can't do it.
    `<a href="">Wordpress</a>

  8. Well, you are half way there!
    Backtick before ` and after all of the code.

  9. backtick, all the code, backtick.

  10. Test.
    [sourcecode language='html']

  11. the backthick key is next to the [1] key... It's the one with the tilde [~] above it.

    <a href="">Wordpress</a>

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