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How Posts Looks Good

  1. Hi guys,

    I am a little bit new at blogging and i was wondering how i can make my posts at my WordPress looks more good and interesting. Any suggestions please?


    The blog I need help with is

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  3. Pictures. It makes what you're writing about more interesting. Even just one picture breaks up a wall of text, and makes it easier to read.

  4. I agree pictures will make your blog look more interesting. If your blog is about tutorials, I'm sure there are many screenshots or videos you can add to your posts.

    Please beware though that dark background and bright coloured text may affect certain readers. Even I can't read the blue coloured text in your post.

  5. Guys thanks for the suggestions! I will take a look at them :)


  6. If you are writing about tutorials /instructing people online or whatever, then you might want to consider choosing a background and text that gives the illusion of lightness, openess and transparency. After all, providing tutorials is about learning, expanding one's mind /horizons, not shutting it down in "darkness".

    I agree that having 1 photo that is remotely related is helpful and is an attention grabber against a sea of text.

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