how protected is password protection?

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    I like to use my blog to reflect on things that happen in the workplace. My posts are, by nature, philosophic and self reflective and I never write anything negative, inflammatory or identifying. Before posting, I always make sure that I would not be embarrassed if one of my colleagues were to read it.

    Nevertheless, I prefer to keep my writing between friends, so I make the postings “password protected”. I also do this because I am aware that some employers (I don’t know about mine) are uneasy at the thought of employees blogging about them. Some even put a clause in contracts stipulating that it is not allowed.

    My question is this: How safe am I with password protection, both practically, and legally? Is my writing considered to be “published” if it is under password protection? What are the chances that someone hack past the security and spill the content? If my employer were to find my blog, where the titles but not the posts are visible, would they have grounds to be offended? I realize that the answer to this one is “it depends on your employer”, but I’d be interested to hear people’s opinions nevertheless.


    Password protected blogs are safe. The chances of someone being able to get in really only depends on how secure the password itself is. The easiest way to break in to a password protected area is by guessing a weak password. Just make sure yours is strong and secure.

    Regarding legal stuff: you’re right that this forum isn’t really the place to get legal advice or advice about your employer, but some people may be able to offer their opinions.



    I would argue that password protection is only so so – not from the password itself but what is to prevent someone from passing on the link and the password to someone else – the old “I know a secret – promise not to pass it on like I am passing it on to you” – how many emails have you seen like that?

    You take a shot at someone I really don’t like, what prevents me from getting a dig in by sending them the link or leave it on their desk when they aren’t there?

    Just a caution



    Can’t comment on the legality, but I’m with auxclass on this one. If you share a password with casual readers, it’s no longer secure.

    If your intention is to publish material and hash it over only with certain people, keep you blog private, as you’ve done, and invite only those people you know and trust not to share its content with others.

    My 2 ยข



    If my employer were to find my blog, where the titles but not the posts are visible, would they have grounds to be offended?

    If I was your employer and saw a title that I thought was about work in any way then I will start taking more of an interest in what you are doing, are you gossiping? are you slacking off? talking to others outside the company about work? insulting me? I could ask to see the post but you could change it, delete it. But the end result for me is that you lose. You are drawing attention to something you could so very easily avoid. You could talk about me all you want and have titles such as “My teacher always hated me” or “I nearly ran over a cat”.

    I would not write about work. You do not want the attention that could arrive.

    The other alternative is get another blog with a different id and start there but tell no-one. Let the blog gather it’s own readers.



    Remember a secret is only a secret as long as only one person knows about it.

    Period end of discussion.

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