how recent comments appear in sidebar when using Blix theme

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    I’m using the Blix theme for my blog ( I’m very happy with it except for the look of the recent comments in the sidebar. You don’t get the actual comment you get a gravatar, username and post title. I don’t have a huge problem with this (would prefer it to be the comment) but because the username and post title are hyperlinks the appear in bold. So it really stands out and breaks the fluidity of the sidebar entries. I guess I’m saying that to me it looks ugly and I can live with it but would choose to change it if that’s possible. Is it possible???
    many thanks, Nic

    The blog I need help with is



    It’s not possible without the CSS upgrade and a thorough knowledge of CSS, and it might not be possible even WITH those things.

    You could try another theme; the widget does not display BOLD in all of them.



    thanks raincoaster, helpful to know the difference between my own limitations and that of the theme. I’m very happy with Blix on the whole so I’ll keep my one niggle for the several I’m sure I’d end up with if I tried to change themes ;o)

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