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How remove blue frame from images (the new Journalist theme)?

  1. nonicoclolasos

    I quite like the new Journalist theme. However, I would like to remove the blue frame that appears around images. I'm a CSS novice, so could someone help me: where in the CSS code is the frame specified? I'd like to change it from blue to white so the frame is invisible against the white background.

  2. Click the image, go to Advanced Settings and set Border to 0 (zero).

  3. If it's blue, then it's a link.

    If you don't want your image to link to something, in the Image Uploader or Media Library, before you insert the image in your Post, make sure the URL link box is empty by clicking on "None".

  4. The frame is blue but red on the hover. Try changing the colors in this section:

    .main img {
    border:#ddd 2px solid;
    .main a img {
    border:#0085b5 2px solid;
    .main a:hover img {
    border:#ca0002 2px solid;
  5. or change the border from 2px to 0px.

  6. nonicoclolasos

    Thank you very much for all this good input! I began by simply setting the border to 0 px, which worked!

  7. I'll be darned! Thanks for asking that question nonicoclolasos!

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