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how restore posts

  1. hey.. "i'm new blogger" :) i need your help. i have my own blog in wordpress and when i move the all posts in crash bin and few minits before i see them they absolutly deleted and i can't restore them... sorry for bad inglish bat i hope that you Realized and help me how restore my 80 posts :s could it may hacking?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. sorry not "crash bin" . "trash"

  3. Hello: encyklopedia,
    Sorry there is no option to restore posts once they're deleted... But you can look here and see if you can find the posts that are deleted if you find any of your posts you will need to copy and paste to get them back on your blog.

    Way Back Machine Website archive →

  4. slikbonez
    thanks.. i love you : )))

  5. but it not working ... what i'll do ?! cant help me main administrator of wordpress ?!

  6. try searching in google with

    And check the "Cached" like beside each search result, which might help get your posts back. Also take backups of your blog, from the Dashboard -> Tools -> Export option. This will save you from any human error related data loss.

  7. wow it may working...thank broth : ))

  8. Your welcome!

  9. Here's a step-by-step approach that covers all the bases systematically > WordPress: Recovering a lost blog post or page

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