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How Secure is a Password Protected Page !

  1. A quick search shows that a couple of threads exist on related topics
    Passwords are per Post and Cookie Based. Given the fact that currently they are based on cookies and there is no site-wide session, Can u share ur tips and tricks to make the wordpress password protected page utmost secure.

    In the same lines
    1. Would publishing a link on any other page(of my blog) or any other website with the link to the password protected page make it UNSECURE (would search engines be able to crawl thru these links and cache a copy of it)?

    2. Given the fact that my current blog is public & visible to Search engine .... Are password protected pages cached by Search Engines ?

    Any thoughts !!!

  2. "Can u share ur tips and tricks to make the wordpress password protected page utmost secure."

    Have a password like this: 1pUFncr/1Bz0jkvgsWmY

  3. Tx Mark :)
    Any inputs on if the password protected sites would be crawl- able(visible) by search engines (Could a copy of the same cached by then) ?

  4. They will not see a site that has the full privacy option.
    Though they will have seen what was there before you made it private.

  5. Sorry if I am nit-picking. But just wanted to make sure.
    So does it imply that if my blog has the (not full) privacy option --- 'I would like my blog to appear in search engines like Google and Sphere, and in public listings around '

    then even if I have a password protected page might be visible for the Search engine to cache (and practically not as secure as it sounds ??? )

    Am I missing something !

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