How secure is the Page level password feature?

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    I have been asked to develop a blog for a person who writes a monthly newsletter for 25 subscribing members.
    At this time he emails them a word and an excel file.

    Instead of his current process, he would like to have a website with a secure area where current pdf’s and excel spreadsheets would be viewable only by members. He would also like an area with past pdf’s and excel spreadsheets viewable by all. In between monthly newsletters he wants to make blog posts. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being important…he says that security is an 8.

    I think WordPress would be ideal for this by utilizing the password-enabled Page function. Is this functionality sufficient for his needed level of security? If not is there a Plugin you would recommend or should I use something different than wordpress?

    Thanks for any guidance you can provide!



    The password protection is secure enough for their needs. they would have to give the password to the 25 members

    Also nothing is very secure here on the internet that is a misconception most internet users don’t realize.


    And do remember that the more complex the password, the more secure the page will be. Simple passwords can be guessed. Have a look at this. It applies to passwords for pages – or anything else for that matter.



    The only two examples I know of this being gotten around were: a man got up and left himself signed in, and his girlfriend read the page, and a group had a password “password.” Don’t do that.



    The post password feature is kid sister protection. Don’t rely on it when security is important.

    I would suggest using the privacy option “I would like my blog to be visible only to users I choose”:



    thanks for all of your advice…though I must admit that I am still somewhat confused.

    Is the page-level password secure enough as slikbonez and thesacredpath have said, should I opt for using the privacy option per tellyworth or is there a plugin that you could recommend that would add sufficient protection?



    We have no FTP access to blogs and cannot upload plugins. I happen to agree with Tellyworth. :)

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