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How should I set my public access to my mostly promotional blog page?

  1. I'm trying to figure out how to make it easy, but also SAFE, for people to comment on whatever I post to my page. If anyone has advice for how all the various settings should be used, kindly let me know. Having gone through them a couple times already, I find many of them confusing and, to be honest, don't understand a lot of them. Thank you. P.S. Kindly note my blog is primarily promotional, as it concerns my books. Thus while I do need to "engage" a target audience, I also do not want to have to deal with endless discussions or debates, as I simply do not have time for such. I also want to try an protect from receiving comments that are actually spam or merely "trolls".
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  2. Dashboard >> Settings >> Discussion >> Require all comments to be moderated -

    More work for you but nothing slips past you - others use Must have an approved comment - I use All comments must be moderated on my site and others that I admin - depends on how many comments you have a day

  3. Thank you! Will I be notified automatically when such a comment requiring moderation is posted by a user, or do I need to go someone periodically to check on that? Also, should I restrict those who can post to registered, signed-in WordPress users?

  4. Sorry, disregard! I found the feature allowing for me to be informed by email when a comment has been held up for moderation.

  5. I let anyone comment on my site - nobody needs to be logged into anything - also don't require an email address - but the field is there if they want

    You be welcome & good luck

  6. Thank you, I have followed suit.


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