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    On I’d like to include a “view” of the openly visible Lone Star Miata Club WordPress page, specifically, events.!/pages/Lone-Star-Miata-Club/196571143706807?sk=events

    I’ve tied WordPress posts to appear on Facebook. That works.
    But since there’s no calendar app on WordPress, and we’re already building our Facebook interactivity up, I’d rather just let let blog visitors see the Facebook events page. But how do I put that Facebook page, on my site?

    I know there may be workarounds by creating a google account & calendar and then pushing events, and then somehow embedding the Google calendar here but that’s a ton of work and I’m not looking for interactivity here, just a clean and simple way for people to click an “Events” page on our blog, and see the Facebook page. Non Facebook members can even click on individual items and get details. I want that to happen without forcing people to follow a blind link away from our blog and onto Facebook…

    …even though I understand that IS the simplest solution.

    The blog I need help with is


    If the events page has an RSS feed, then you can use the RSS widget to show the feed in the sidebar.



    Interesting idea.
    I see an RSS button in Safari’s URL bar with this page.
    But it vanishes when I go to Facebook.



    Sorry, same person, different blogs, different account. :)



    Then it seems your Facebook event is set to only be visible within facebook.

    I would suggest that you just type the information into a regular Post here at Add pictures, tags, etc.



    I mean I want the entire Events Page (with all the upcoming events) to be visible on an Events page on our blog.

    As a group, all the content is available to everyone who is outside of Facebook.
    Log out of Facebook and put this in your URL bar.!/pages/Lone-Star-Miata-Club/196571143706807?sk=events



    Both lines,
    and make sure there’s no space after the exclamation point.



    I want the entire Events Page (with all the upcoming events) to be visible on an Events page on our blog.

    The ONLY way to put all this information into a blog is to put it in by hand. Copy-paste will introduce code errors.



    I disagree. Because there’s Facebook offering a way to embed Wall postings anywhere else on the web via iFrames and Javascript:

    And then there’s workarounds that convert that iFrame into something that I can use on

    And in the end, it could look like this blog page where an active Facebook window is embedded in the right sidebar.

    This CAN be done. I can embed Twitter. The question is WHY wouldn’t one of the largest blogging systems embrace interactivity with the largest social media site in the world.



    You are asking me if it’s possible. I’ve given you the most correct reply I can. If you believe it possible through that method, why don’t you try it and report back?

    The reason iFrames are not allowed on is for security, because of the shared backbone of our blogs. Each person using a theme is exposed to the greatest risk chosen by the stupidest person using that theme. That’s a lot of exposure.

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