How smooth top edge of Rusty Grunge?

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    rusty Grunge theme boundary issue

    The blog I need help with is


    Your blog is private and we Volunteers cannot view it. However, do know that you cannot change any theme elements other than what’s stated here >
    without purchasing an annually renewable custom design upgrade for each blog and do the required CSS editing to achieve that.


    If you cannot make your site public for us to look at, could you please take a look at the demo site for rusty grunge and let us know exactly what you want to smooth out and how? The bulk of the design elements in Rusty Grunge are images.


    Not used to such quick response. Thank you!

    I picked this design because of the frayed edges, however, when I insert a picture in the header, a little white roughness shows on the top edge. It doesn’t how on other three sides. It’s just enough to look like I didn’t place the picture in correctly. I will make it public so you can see it.

    Thanks for your help.


    I hope I made this public so let me know if you can’t see it.


    when I insert a picture in the header

    I can’t see a picture in the header at but I can see the white roughness even without a header image on that blog and in the Rusty Grunge demo site at

    That rough top edge is coming from a background image that is set on the main content area container element. You can hide the background by adding the following to the Appearance → Themes → Customize → CSS panel in your blog. The CSS panel is part of a paid upgrade, you can try before purchasing by going to Appearance → Themes → Customize → Custom Design and clicking the “Try Now” button.

    #primary {
    	background: none;

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