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how some things work out - badly

  1. good afternoon

    some time ago I posted a bit of smart alecky and tagged it with all the words that the some folks use to search for their online entertainment - like naked humping, and men in bras .. that sort of thing, just a little joke. Surfing joke...

    So I left it there for about two months before pulling it and I've done an ' all time ' search on search engine terms since

    .... man those folks have infested that report like ticks on a dog - and the stat numbers have settled right down, if you know what I mean - half of my stat numbers are complete rubbish, unless I won some of them over, which I doubt.

    happy ny by the way

    The blog I need help with is

  2. invisiblemikey

    My all-time most-read post and most searched for term is about the Bristol Stool Scale, a scientific classification system for human poop. That ought to say something about about what kind of topic attracts numbers.

    Happy New Year to you too!

  3. The Bristol Stool Scale? I thought that was a device for weighing English chairs.

  4. My sadly innocent "Adventures with Grandpa Dick" has been one of my more popular hits . . . this was in the early days of my blogging innocence and had everything to do with Dick Cheney and his heart transplant.

    Should I have "linked" this instead? Attract more numbers/fleas?

    @lettershometoyou good news for you, there is a Bristol Stool Furniture Collection out there but how much weight to give it, that's up to you!

    Happy New Year, while it still lasts!

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