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How stupid is Technorati?

  1. I managed to break my Technorati rank of 2,000 by changing the main page of my blog to a static page and putting the latest posts at

  2. WHOA! Technorati support forums!

    heh heh heh heh

    edit: Hey, they're running bbpress.

    reedit: Me bitching about their incorrect docs and their lack of response.

  3. @engtech:
    notice the deafening silence one you show you know what you're talking about...

    Not so supportive

  4. The mind boggles. And the (evil) mind wonders if there's as easy a way to game your way UP as never seems so, alas.

  5. Are you going to get your rank back? I could cough up a few links if it'd help.

  6. Oh, just for reference, engtech, that would have caused you to get delisted over at blogshares as well. I agree. Rather annoying...

    No follow up from Technorati on either thread.

  7. @raincoaster - it's fixed now. But it was the same "oh, you've moved your blog url!@#" snafu as when you changed your domain name.

    I had no idea that Technorati works by spidering the front page of your blog url. I always thought it would use RSS or something. So by putting MORE links on posts you hide the rest of it from Technorati.

  8. It should be RSS considering that's really the only way for them to get the datestamp. I wonder if they were thinking that since the posts were in what basically is a subdirectory, that thte blog was in one as well.

  9. I've come to the conclusion that there are some amazingly bad fundamental design decisions inside of Technorati. Of course, RSS probably wasn't as ubiquitous then as now. Hindsight is 20-20.

  10. @engtech
    Does this mean that all those bloggers, who are assigning a front page to their blogs as a "welcome" or "introduction" page are in essence shooting themselves in the foot Technorati-wise?

  11. I had this exact same problem. My blog isn't very "bloggish" in that the chronology is almost completely unimportant, so at one point I had a static front page up since I thought it'd be more appropriate, and yeah-- there was no recognition on the Technorati end that any posts were happening. Pretty frustrating, as I had also assumed they would just draw from RSS. Later, I ended up switching back to the posts-on-front-page approach (for other reasons). It's been easier to pretty much just tune out Technorati.

  12. @shortexact: amen. :)

  13. defrostindoors

    Is it me, or is Technorati unreachable just now? It's pingable, but traceroute fizzles out.

  14. Works for me.

  15. defrostindoors

    It's back. Just one of those odd things.

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