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How successful can blogs get?

  1. What are your stories of success?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This topic is better for the Off Topic section not the technical support area.

  3. PS: - what is "success"? to some it is a dozen close friends sharing events to others is is 1,000's of visitors - yet others define "success" as helping one person have a better life with a Post they have written.

    So while you wait for this to be moved and others to respond - you might want to define what "success" really means to you - not what it means to me or others - also ask yourself why you have a blog? Who are you trying to please? - you or me??

  4. I would say success is anything your proud of.

  5. I've seen blogs with many subscribers and thousands of views a day. To me success is being happy with what I write, and having other people appreciate it. I would rather have ten people who enjoy coming to my blog, laughing a little and feeling better when they leave, than a thousand who skim over it without taking nothing along with them when they go.

  6. As a photographer, great feedback = success.

  7. When certain older posts are still read/referenced. :)

    Plus whatever more recent ones.
    I do look at the statistics for certain topics that people tend to gravitate.

    Also happy (though rare) surprise when someone has put 1 of my blogs into their blogroll /links widget.

  8. The blog NerdyApplebottom got, I believe, something like 45 million hits in 48 hours and didn't go down. It was this post:

  9. asdfkjhasjkdfh1902387123987

    For me, success is a discussion going on. I don't care if there is a lot of blog hits, or a lot of subscribers. I just want to get a discussion rolling on my blog, if you get what I mean.

  10. @Raincoaster - if one of mine turns out to be, does that mean I can expect 45 million hits in 48 hours?

    Sadly for me, of the three, one is about to become a father, the second is WAY to interesting in emulating a X-Factor contestants kiss with a backup dancer last week and the third is madly brushing his teeth because I said no girls would want to kiss him if he didn't.

    I'm not looking forward to 45 million hits any time soon - BUT feel free to accommodate me if anyone feels so inclined!

  11. His son is gay? What about his choice of theme, man who'd ever use a theme like that :D

    Don't worry teamoyeniyi, I'm always going to be at least one in that 45 million you'll one day get :P

  12. @teamoyeniyi it only works if they dress up as Daphne from Scooby Doo.

  13. Thank you ardpete :)

  14. I agree with pdykie. I want to leave a lasting impression on people who visit my site but I have a lot of random spam-like garbage on there just because I was desperate to post something lol

  15. Thank you.


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