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how the blog posts are seen?

  1. I noticed different blogs look different when viewed. Some are full articles, and others are in a block format where every post is in an equal sized and fairly small square so a viewer can click on the square to be taken to the full post.
    Mine is in the first format but I want it to be in the second, can anyone tell me how to do that?
    thankyou very much.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Could you please provide a link starting with the prefix http:// to a example of what you're trying to achieve...

  3. thankyou, maybe this will help?

  4. Good question. I'm new. I want to know the answer, too...

  5. That's easy: either use a theme that does this automatically, like Inuit Types, or use the MORE tag, icon #13 I believe it is, on the Visual editor to truncate posts at any point with a Read More button. It's the one that looks like a dotted line crossing a piece of paper.

  6. Oh okay easy answer that is a option that the "Inuit Types" theme has for displaying posts...

    You can change themes by going to → Dashboard → Left Navigation Bar → Themes. then pick the "Inuit Types" theme then click on the link called "Theme Options" then chose the following setting. → "Featured Post Entries" and put the corresponding number of posts you would like on the home page.

  7. sorry, but what's the visual editor? thanks

  8. thanks for the inuit types advice, but I'd rather stick with my own theme... does anyone know how to do it whilst keeping my theme?

  9. I gave you the answer.

    The Visual Editor and HTML editors are the two options you have when writing a post. If your Write post box has buttons above it like Word does, then you're using the Visual editor. If it has buttons with text in them instead of icons, you're using the HTML editor.

  10. thanks raincoaster, you've answered my question.

  11. I seem to have the opposite problem - I'm using Inuit Types and would like to continue to do so, but would much prefer each whole post be entirely visible. Do you know how to remove the automatic "read more" function?

  12. @ostranenie
    Are you referring to a wordpress.COM blog. If so you forgot to post the URL for it.

    If you do not like what is being displayed as an excerpt on the front page in Inuit Types (ie. the beginning of the post without any HTML) then you can copy and paste the whole post into the "excerpt" box found below the editor box. However, note what I said about no HTML. IMO a full post without links is probably NOT what you are looking for.

  13. themessagesaved

    Hello, I'm using an Inuit Type theme currently and I'm having the same problem at ostranenie. I followed your suggestion and copied the entire post into the excerpt box. However, the first sentences are each on separate lines, and when I copy the entire post into the excerpt box, the post shows up as one continual line. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I really love this theme and would prefer not to give it up.

  14. themessagesaved

    Actually, a friend of mine just answered my question. Thanks for your time. :)

  15. Hello everybody,
    How if the template doents provide the header facilities.
    I just want to exchange the header of the template with my own picture..

    Thanks a lot before :)
    Sorry for the language not fluently.
    Hug and kisses for whom can solve my problems
    Hhehhe :P

  16. If the template does not allow a custom header, you must change themes.

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