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How the heck do you add Pics?

  1. Call me a moron, but I can't figure out how to add images to my posts... Can any of you fellow bloggers help out? I'm new to WP from another site that was obvious as day on how to do same..

    Help please!! :)

  2. um, see the faq

    dr mike has a detailed report on it

    basically you go to write post, browse for the pic on your computer, and then upload it, then you click on it once, check 'use original' (not use thumbnail) and drag it into the post where you can elongate it and mess around with it.

    but check the faq.

  3. Welcome to WP!

    If only you had read the FAQs you wouldn't need help from any fellow blogger!

    Here is the link (it's given in the FAQs):


  4. Urrrr.. Ummmm... I did ck out FAQ and I have gone to write, but I'm just not finding where I can actually browse on my computer. When I click on the image icon, it tells me to load, not browse... What am I doing wrong?

  5. OH.. I JUST FIGURED IT OUT!!! You have to upload and then drag and drop... Good grief!!! Just luv me through it as I'm a newbie... Hopefully, no more silly questions!! :)

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