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    Aloha all.. New to this version.. Just wondering how you make text bold, italiac etc? I don’t see buttons to do this in Quick Press.. Also I ave an old template which I had designed for an old wordpress how do I change it over to that?

    The blog I need help with is



    Can we have a link to the blog please.



    Aloha.. Sorry forgot to add that.. LOL.. It’s:

    It’s going to be about everything ‘ V..’ This includes: Original Mini – Series, Series, Motion Movie ( In Talk ) and the New Series.. It will also have everything you need to know about history, backstories, behind the scenes, old and new interviews with cast and crew, novels, comics, props etc.. Also going to be adding a forum..

    Silly me worked out how to do the posting stuff.. So now just wondering how I can get the theme from above to looking like my old one at:

    It was a custom made one for me, so just need to know how to add it? Thanx all..



    YOu cannot add an external theme to a WordPress.COM blog. See this discussion:



    Okay sweet.. So just upgrade to CSS and I will be able to?



    No, you cannot add an external theme to a blog.

    This is what you can do with the CSS upgrade if you have CSS skills. There’s no official support for it here.



    Is there any way to create a box to capture a visitors email?


    That would require a form, and forms are not allowed here due to security concerns. What you can do though is make a contact form page: .

    My suggestion is to place the code into the HTML tab in the editor rather than into the visual tab. It seems to work more consistently that way. Also, turn off comments for the contact form page or it will confuse people with two text boxes.



    I have made a speeling mistake in my address.. Is there a way to change it? Or do I have to start all over again?


    No, what you will have to do is to register the correct one as a second blog. You can then later if you wish delete the one with the spelling error. My suggestion though would be to keep it for a test blog.

    While logged into wordpress, go to and you can register another blog there in the upper left.

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