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How to accept an invite to a blog as admin?

  1. I wanted to fix up a friends blog a bit..

    She sent me an invite.. I got one stating this..


    You've been invited to Seams Sew Sew at as an administrator.

    If you don't care, just ignore this email. :)


    Yet the blog shows up nowhere on my dashboard. How do I actually accept the invite so I can contribute?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Was there a link to click on in the email? If so try clicking on it.

  3. No, no link.. I've gotten 2 and neither had a link. Just the exact words above.

  4. If you go to , what happens?

  5. It brings me to which is my main blog

  6. You aren't listed as a user on the blog, maybe they removed you?

    To avoid any complications, I'd recommend asking them to manually add you via the Users section of their Dashboard.

  7. They did, they followed the directions exactly and have tried twice now. It shows on their end I am an admin and I got the notice that I am.

  8. You're definitely not listed as an admin on unless it's through a different username, not zanytoes.

  9. I know. she tries to send a new invite and it shows I"m already on there. I got the above email saying I was invited, my question is how do I accept that invitation? It obviously came to the right email address.. how do I accept it?

  10. There's actually nothing to accept in the invitation. If you receive that, it means you've already been added.

    Six hours ago, a new administrator was added, but not zanytoes. If you have another account here, I recommend trying that.

  11. I'm pretty sure I don't. Is there anyway I can tell who the other admin was? Maybe it's an old account I had. but the email that invite came to was the one linked to my zanytoes account.

  12. Unfortunately, I can't release that information, but you can ask the current admin for the username of who she invited. It will be visible in the Users section of the blog's Dashboard.

  13. I'm having the same problem! working on a group project and I received the same email, and I have clicked the link a million times, yet I am not an admin! I don't know what to do!

  14. The only blog listed under your account is and you are an admin.

  15. yes thank you I know that, I am supposed to me an administrator on another blog, sassypantsmedia, but the email I received does nothing.

  16. In that case, you may need to ask the owner to manually add you via the Users section of their blog's Dashboard.

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