How to access a blog's READER without being the blog admin

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    Hello Forum!

    Thank you in advance for your help with my question.

    I have just created my own first blog (I’ll call it BLOG-A) and I have also just been added to a different blog (I’ll call it BLOG-B) as a ‘contributor’. My first task (given to me by the admin of BLOG-B) is to browse through the READER of BLOG-B. However, I cannot find a way to access the READER for BLOG-B as the reader that displays (when I click on ‘reader’ at the top of my account) is that of my own blog (BLOG-A).

    Is there a way a ‘contributor’ (or any other wordpress ‘role’) can access the reader of a blog for which he/she is not the admin? Or do only administrators have access to a blog’s reader? Is there anyway two separate account holders can view/access the same reader (without both logging into the same account)?

    Thank you so much for your help!

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m afraid the admin of Blog B is confused. Readers are specific not to the blog but to the user. If that admin wants you to browse through that reader, they are going to have to give you the login info for not the blog but for their very ID. This is a serious risk: they are better off simply sending you a list of links to which to subscribe in the reader. If you don’t want this work cluttering your personal reader, register a new account, totally separate, and subscribe to all those blogs there.

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