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How to access my blog?

  1. Ok, I signed up for a blog, but can't seem to access it anywhere once I'm logged in. Unless I'm just retarded, this doesn't seem to be very user friendly so far...

    Nothing appears in the "My Blogs" portion of the user admin, and if I try to re-register the blog the system claims it already exists. Help?

  2. What's the supposed URL of your blog?


  4. So if you go here:

    What happens?

  5. User Profile ( > edit )
    Update Password

  6. Sorry, guess that should be more clear. It obviously looks like a user admin page ( I am logged into WordPress ), but those are the only options available.

  7. Same problem here with, can login but nothing more than what wyrmpit has listed. I was searching for the theme's tools to change it until I read this post and i'm assuming there is a problem?

  8. To the same page as above =/

  9. Sounds like your settings are messed up. You should drop a note in "feedback" if you can access that from your WordPress login. If not, contact support:

  10. To both: please send in an email to support at this domain. Politely point out that it appears you've become unassociated with your blog and lost admin status on it. Be sure to tell them which blog is yours and please send the email from the email account you signed up with.

  11. Yeah, I've tried that still waiting on a response. We'll see if anything comes of it. Thanks for the help guys.

  12. Not disagreeing with what Dr Mike says (as he's the boss around here!), but when you signed up for your blog did you sign up for a blog or just an account?

    Is there an option anywhere in your dashboard to "claim your blog"?

    Just a thought...

  13. I thought about that too but both URLs given are working blogs.

  14. I signed up for both. There is a "Claim My Blog" option, but when I attempt to use it I just get a "That Blog Already Exists" error.

  15. Indeed Dr Mike - like I said, it was just a thought. Wyrmpit - You need to do (if you haven't already) as the talking baseball suggests and contact support.

  16. Agreed. This is a backend issue that we can't resolve for you here in the forums as we don't have access.

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