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    I have my own blogs on this site, but my business partner created a website for our shared business under her account and gave my account admin access. However, that website doesn’t show up on my dashboard, and when I go directly to that site I can’t go in and edit it.

    How do I access that other site which I supposedly have admin capabilities for? I thought maybe Jetpack was the answer, but when I tried to log in to Jetpack it was saying my password was wrong. My password isn’t wrong. I checked. I logged out of WordPress and logged back in and my password works just fine.

    So how in the hell do I access that other website?



    Hi @frombeakstobarks, would you be willing to share a link to the site? We’ll check it and try to point you in the best direction for help.



    Hi there,

    All signs point to the fact that your site is a self-hosted site, not a site.

    To clear up any confusion, self-hosted WordPress sites and are two, different entities, but the essential difference is that we don’t have access to all WordPress sites, only ones hosted on our servers. For more information, please see:

    The site isn’t currently connected to your site via Jetpack.

    If it possible, I would contact your friend and make them verify on their end that you are still an admin on the site. That looks like the best bet to regain access at this point.


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