How to Activate a Second Website/Blog?

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have an active WordPress blog/website. I need to get another theme to create an additional site for a separate division of our company. How do I do this? Do I need to log out and start all over?

    I’m afraid if I “activate” a new theme while logged in that I’ll convert my current site!

    Thanks so much,


    The blog I need help with is


    Yes, if you activate a new theme while logged in you will convert your current site.
    If you mean you want to create a new site under the same account, you go to My Blogs in your dashboard sidebar and click Register Another Blog.


    Beautiful! That’s exactly what I needed to know. Thanks!!


    You’re welcome!


    One more question, pana, now that I’ve got you here and you’re being so helpful. : )

    I just want to make sure, if I choose a address, I can convert it to a .com later when I’m ready to redirect my url, correct?

    Thanks again!



    Provided you purchase a domain mapping ugrade, any subdomain URL can be mapped to a domain now or in the future.


    Thank you!



    You’re welcome.

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