How to add a background music on my page

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    How to add a background music on my page? Shouldn’t this be an option for someone who like it?

    Is there any workaround to achieve this? I know it is not a problem to do this in WordPress.Org, but I also want it in WordPress.Com

    Thank you very much

    The blog I need help with is



    Note that autoplay music is a turn-off to many readers. [audio] shortcode doesn’t support autoplay, but you can use SoundCloud Audio Player if you want that functionality.
    See also >



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    I have to agree with TT. Auto-played music can interrupt other functions being performed at the same time, especially if someone has more than one window open. Sometimes, I’ll have a few windows open at the same time, music starts playing, and I have no idea which site is playing it. (I really get annoyed at the sites where the music player pops up under the page).

    It can also be bothersome if a reader otherwise didn’t realize their volume was turned up, then suddenly get blasted with music. I’m not sure what purpose auto-players serve. If someone is using a site to promote their own music, it would make sense to allow users to actively open the audio files, rather than forcing it on them. Just my opinion, though.

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