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How to add a badge to your blog?

  1. Hi there people more technically able than me! Can anyone tell me how to add a badge to my blog? I have been sent two "badges" from companies which have promoted my blog on their website and they have sent me images to add as a badge. I've seen other WP blogs with this on so I know it can be done. Thank you very much in advance :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Provided these badges are not advertising, iframes, or Javascript you simply copy and paste the code provided from the source into a text widget and display the badges in your sidebar.

  3. I've been sent this link so that I can put a badge on my sidebar but I can't get it to work in an image widget. <img style="border:0;" src="">

    Do I need all of this text?

  4. All you need to put in the image widget is, not the rest. The rest is to make it display in a text widget.

  5. Thank you so worked a treat - easy when you know how. I really appreciate your help.

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