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How to add a brief description to a page linked to categories?

  1. The blog is

    I have a page set up to link to a specific category. So you click the page and you see all the stories based around personification.

    Is there any way I can also add a description to this so that when people click on the "page", they will see the description before the posts every time?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Make a custom menu.
    Add a parent page with your category description.
    Make this page a child page of the category description page:

  3. So I did this but everytime I make the page a child page and save it, it reverts back to being its own page.

    Any idea how to fix that or what I'm doing wrong?

  4. Is this the one you want as a parent page:

    Then you need to move to be a child page of the above link.

    I'm sorry, but I'm a volunteer and it's the weekend time to catch up on family errands for a while. We'll hope another volunteer comes along to help, or I'll be back later for a more detailed look at what you are doing.

    You might take a look at this more comprehensive article about custom menus and find a solution there:

  5. Thanks. Yea I tried that. Somewhere online said that it might just not work on IE (which I'm stuck using right now while I'm at work) so I'll try it on a good browser when I get home later too.

  6. Somewhere online said that it might just not work on IE …

    I have not heard of that. Can you provide more detail?

    Just to help, I'll add a modlook to this thread so staff can take a look. I can't understand why you are having this problem. Perhaps they can provide some insight…

  7. I tried it last night on Firefox at home and it worked perfect so that must be why.

    We have an old version of IE at work which is quite bad for a lot of things, so it doesn't surprise me.

    Basically I would have the menus lined up how I liked, with the parent and child pages set, and then I would hit save and when the page reloaded, they would all be back in their original spots. Seems like the saving part is what undid it, I'm not too sure.

  8. Well then that's one more mark against IE. I'd just never heard of it messing up such a basic thing like this, but I'm glad you have it figured out now!

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