How to ADD a category or tag to a made page???

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    I am sorry people, but I really don’t get it at all.
    So I created a few pages, right? Then I created a lot of Tags, or as I read them: “Etiquetas”.
    So now how in the name of heaven do I put them toguether???
    Please help.
    I want my page named “the thruth about wathever” to have a tag named “Thruth” so that when I create the page “the truth about dogs and cats” I can add the same tag to it, so then when I choose to see all pages related to “Truth” tag, I can see them both listed.
    Also, would it be the same with a category?
    How can I group diferent pages into their own categories?
    Are tags only for posts and not for pages?
    You can see I am really confused.
    Thanks a lot for your help!



    You cannot assign tags or categories to pages you create, just to posts.

    You might want to read this FAQ on posts and pages:


    OK, here is a link you can click:



    I dont see why wordpress does not allow to use tags with pages.
    I found pages very useful as people van write books in wordpress.
    The can define titles and subtiltes exactly as it is defined in books.
    I dont like the ideas of listing all pages in the front page. they can enhance wordpress to the display pages in tree structure where you can expand the parent page to see the child page.
    Please let me know if you have any ideas about why they dont provide the above solutions.
    Best Regards



    Only staff can answer that, but in the past they’ve said they’re specifically in the business of building blogs, not static websites.



    The easy answer would be that was designed for blogging, and blogging, as the name implies, is a weblog, and a log does after all consist of dated posts. The ability to add pages came much later. I can see the usefulness of having tags on pages, but I do prefer them without. As for tree structures, the Regulus theme does just that, child pages are displayed on their parent page.

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