How to add a category to the top of Cutline page

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    Hi I just started using Cutline and I am trying to add categories to the top of the page, much like this author did right below the words “Ghost Town Farm.” In other words, her categories are: Frontpage, About, Publications, Contact, Calendar.

    Can you help me?

    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry, meant to say Ghost Town Farm =



    Also, in Cutline, I was wondering how to change the date order of posts. Is that possible? Basically I am reposting articles of mine from other publications. Thanks


    1. Those tabs are links to static pages, not categories. You create pages via Pages > Add New. If you really want your categories as tabs in the header, you need to get the category URLs and use this trick:

    2. To change the date:

    Post editor > “Publish” module > click the “Edit” button to the right of “Published on …”, change date, click OK, click Update Post.

    Or (faster): Posts > Edit > hover under post title, click Quick Edit, change date, click Update Post.



    hello..i’m an new user of wordpress and i’m sorry coz i still can’t understand on how to add the categories to the pages..can somebody please explain it to me..


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    Please read the links below.

    If the information below does not help you, the please start a new thread with your question. What you are asking is not related to the original poster’s question:

    Pages can not be categorized. Posts can be tagged or categorized. Pages and posts are different from each other. Categories can be used to organize your blog.

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