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    Hi there, at the end of each of my posts I would like to add a quick link or button so people can easily leave a comment to my post. At the moment people have to either open the post in its own window which gives a comment window or click on the No comment button at the top which I think is slightly confusing. I have the CSS upgrade, if someone would be kind enough to tell me how I can just add this quick link to comment window I would be really grateful. If the button said “reply to post” or something similar. Is it possible? Thanks


    To bring up a separate pop up comment box would require javascript and that is not allowed here at due to security concerns and there is nothing you can do in the CSS that will accomplish this.



    Thank you for your quick reply. Sorry if I didn’t explain clearly enough. I don’t want a separate pop-up comment box, I was just hoping for a clickable link at the end of my post that would take people to the usual place where they can post a reply. Similar to that on display on the Black-letterhead theme displayed on the site where it says “leave a comment” at the bottom of each post. It seems on this theme if there are no comments then “leave a comment” is displayed rather than “no comment” which I prefer.



    Did you receive a resolution to your issue?



    like thesacredpath said, you cannot do this because of wordpress’s security guidelines. they would probably prohibit that for certain concerns of the security guidelines.



    I think the “no comments” is hard-coded into the theme.



    I type my question….publish the post…then copy the link…then open post and link to question at bottom. That way the reader can click on the question and get the area to comment? Does that work for you?



    thanks for the information everyone. I’ve not sorted the issue, but I will give loranlichty’s clever workaround a go. I hasten to add, I am a very new novice to wordpress and css customization so no promises!

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