How to add a Home page to sidebar?

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    I’m brand new and am full of question but I will start out with just one for now, and I did a search first but didnt come up with any help.
    I suspect its the theme I’m using but I may be wrong any how here is the link to my page
    and where I’d like to link up to my home page would be on the sidebar under pages I’m a little confused on how I should go about this any help is appreciated. Thanks


    The title of your blog, upper right, is a link to your home page. If you want to add one to your sidebar, use a text widget and put the following code into it:

    <a href="">Home</a>

    If you want it centered in the text widget, use the following:

    <p style="text-align: center;"><a href="">Home</a></p>

    The FAQ explains how to write various types of links in HTML: .



    Thank You so much for the quick reply. I will go see what I come up with and post back.


    But you said you wanted it in your Pages list. If that is so, publish a new (blank) page with the link to your blog as its title, i.e. put this in the title box:
    <a href="">Home Page</a>
    If you only want “Home”, delete the “Page” from the above code BUT NOT THE SPACE – this trick doesn’t work with single words.



    Thanks for all the help really appreciate it, I used the trick panaghiotisadam gave me as that is exactly what I was looking to do Thank You! ^_^



    I used the panaghiotisadam link in title trick too.

    Thanks! :)

    John’s Training

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