How to add a HTML widget !!

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    Its easy to add and HTML widget in blogspot but i am not getting how to do in please help me



    Simple HTML widgets can be added using a text widget.

    Widgets that are built with javascript, forms or flash will not work as we remove those for security reasons:


    At first I thought it short-sighted for WP to prohibit JavaScript given that it is so widely used. However, even if it leans extremely far in the direction of safety, that is not a bad thing. As the platform is free to use, we bloggers can hardly complain (even if we can suggest improvements).

    On a positive note, it seems that more and more developers are looking for ways to make friendly widgets by using HTML instead of Java. I recently discovered how to add social networking buttons to my posts and this has been great.

    One thing that I have noticed – the TweetMeMe button shows up when you view the post itself but not when you see the post on the main page. Any way around this?

    Many thanks.

    John Zimmer



    Checking with this forum thread:

    Try adding “only_single=false” into the shortcode and see if that does it for you.


    Thanks, Markel. I am playing with it now but can’t seem to find the right way to place it. The HTML code is not long:


    How would it look with the “only_single=false” added? Or could this be done in visual mode?

    Many thanks.



    I see that the HTML code was instantly converted to the visual in the post above. Trying to rewrite again with just the part between the < and >

    < a href=”” target=”_blank”>



    All shortcodes are entered into the HTML (code) editor.
    Altogether, it looks like this: [tweetmeme source=”your_twitter_name” only_single=false

    I just tried this is my test blog and it worked.

    From >


    Timethief, you beat me to it by a second. I googled the operative part of the code and Tweetmeme and got to the same page. Very easy to do.

    Thanks to you and Markel for the help.




    You’re welcome. :)

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