How to add a line break following an image

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    …insert a line break after an image in the Visual Editor?

    My guide consists mostly of items that typically have a thumbnail image followed by some text, then the next item on a new line.

    The problem is that the Visual Editor won’t do that! Text-only lines are okay. But if there’s an image, the line breaks are stripped out on the next refresh.

    I’ve been faking it by inserting null paragraphs in the HTML editor. But i have to be careful not to return to the visual editor, or it strips out my formatting! It’s incredibly inefficient.

    Does anyone know how to make this work? Will my situation be better if I host commercially? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    WordPress.ORG has the same formatting issues, there is some relief with some Plug-in editors – the fixes I found that work for me to improve formatting are below. You can switch between visual and html mode.

    I use ‘<br class=”blank” />’ to get a hard line feed. Insert in html mode, it will survive switching between visual and html mode.

    You just need to to issue a clear:left before the next floated element (picture).
    ‘<p style=”clear:left;”></p>’


    Thanks for clarifying, auxclass. You really wonder what the rationale for this is.

    I can see I have to beef up my HTML and CSS chops. So much for WP insulating us from all that :-)



    You are welcome – most of the formatting html I use are the two statements above. Yes not always optimal, but works for me. I find that I update and add more content to my sites with WordPress than when I first stated with a html site.

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