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How to add a Logo in my header

  1. Hello, i would like to know how to upload a Logo in my header. Any help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It looks like you have already figured this out on , or are you talking about a different site?

  3. Yes i have figured this out. Thanks a lot. I have another question, do you know how to reduce the header's size?

  4. When you say, "reduce the header's size" are you talking about the image itself or the white space above and below?

  5. i'm talking about the white space between the logo and the navigation bar

  6. Ah, we can use some negative top margin on the navigation. Add this and then adjust the negative top margin to your liking.

    .main-navigation {
    margin-top: -0.5em;
  7. Great, thanks a lot

  8. You are welcome.

  9. thanks for your help, i still have questions:
    1-Now, how i decrease the space between the main content and the space bar?
    2-How can i change the color of the widgets? (articles on the right side of the blog) because i don't like the grey color around the pictures)
    3-Decrease the space between the widgets
    4-Change the table's aspect (left)
    Thanks for your time, btw our blog will be available in English soon.

  10. 1. Padding above and below the line in #main. Adjust them as you desire.

    #main {
    padding-top: 2.5em;
    padding-bottom: 2.5em;

    2. Add this to remove the caption background and borderline. I've targeted the sidebar image captions only, so any images in post or page content areas will still have the border and background. If you want to get rid of the background and border on captioned images, site wide, remove the #secondary from the selector below and just have the .wp-caption selector.

    #secondary .wp-caption {
    background: none;
    border: none;

    3. This will tighten it up some. If you want it tighter, some of the non-image widgets might appear to run together, so we might have to target more specifically in the image widgets. Let us know if this will do or not.

    .widget-area .widget {
    margin-bottom: 0;

    4. Not sure what you are talking about here. Can you expand a little?

  11. Thanks, but how could i make widget's text white?
    And for 4, i was talking about not showing the table's borders

  12. On the photo grid (table) add the following:

    .entry-content tr td, .comment-content tr td, .entry-content table, .comment-content table {
    border: medium none;

    This turns the grey image caption font white.

    .widget_image .wp-caption p {
    color: #FFFFFF;
  13. You do realize that your last 4 images in your sidebar are making me hungry, don't you?


  14. landscapelover

    I'm playing with my header and want to reduce the white space too. But do you need the CSS upgrade to do this?

  15. @landscapelover, if you are talking about the white space between the post title and the bottom of the header, yes, you would need the custom design upgrade to do that.

  16. landscapelover

    tsp - ok, thanks.

  17. You are welcome.

  18. thanks a lot, haha i know, that's super tasty.

  19. Hello again, how can i change the font color and the background colors of the pictures i upload in my articles and the home page?

  20. Can i also have sliding pictures on my home page

  21. @tooistanbul, can you please start new help requests for separate questions? Otherwise, it's easy for the questions to get lost.

  22. how can i change the font color and the background colors of the pictures i upload in my articles and the home page?

    To change colors inside images, you need to edit them directly on your computer (or have a graphic designer help you) before you upload the images.

  23. Can i also have sliding pictures on my home page

    Sliders are dynamic bits of code (not just CSS), and the Custom Design upgrade is not a way to add things like that. To get a slider on a blog, you would need to have started out with a theme that has one built in. Here is a list:

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