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How to add a modifiable sidebar to my Home page only

  1. I would like to add a column to the left side of my Home page ( in order to display a list of sponsors. I think that means the addition of a sidebar, but I only want to do it for the main page, not all pages on the site. If possible, I would like to be able to edit the font in the sidebar as well in order to reflect the status of sponsorship (platinum, gold, etc.).

    I'm using the Twenty Eleven theme and I have the Customization Upgrade, but little experience with CSS.

    Thanks for the help.
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  2. Unfortunately, adding a whole new element, like an additional sidebar is a bit beyond the scope of what can be done via CSS.

    You can hide elements via CSS, but you can't add entirely new elements.

  3. Twenty Eleven offers the option to have a left sidebar (content on right) instead of the one-column format that I am currently using. Since I only want to have the left sidebar on the Home page and the rest of the site to be in one-column format would it be possible to set the default to left sidebar for the whole site and then hide it for the pages I don't want it on?

  4. Actually, that's how Twenty Elven operates by default. The sidebar only shows on the main page, and is hidden on all posts and pages unless you specifically select the Sidebar Template for each one.

  5. Right. I've only set the main page to display the sidebar and though the other pages don't have any writing/widgets in the sidebar (good news) they are still formatted as if a sidebar exists (bad news) so that the text on the page is no longer aligned with the far left of the page. How do I line the text back up to the far left of the page?

  6. Text won't be aligned to the far left, that's how the theme is designed. You can use your Custom Design upgrade to push the content area over to the left, but that will have an affect on the main page too.

    I also noticed that you have your sidebar setup for sponsor listings.

    Please note that advertising at is not allowed as part of our terms of service.

  7. Okay

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